9005 - Writing Techniques II (Phase 3)
This course focuses on the Certificate of Progress Program writing requirements for Phase 3. Emphasis will be placed on the writing of documented research and the development of other skills necessary to complete the writing assignments in this phase. This course will introduce students to the library and the use of reference materials.

9008 - Public Speaking (Teacher Certification)
This course will identify the process and principles for writing speeches and delivering them in a public setting. Students will be introduced to basic verbal and nonverbal communications skills that will enable them to effectively communicate with audiences of all sizes.

9024 - The Computer in the Life of the Church (Phase 4)
This course will focus on training pastors, office workers, Christian educators, and others who want to utilize computer technology in the church. Students will discuss issues of administration, setting up computer labs, tutorials on Bible study, membership record keeping, introduction to the use of social media to share the gospel.