The Pastoral Screening Committee is charged with the responsibility to develop criteria and qualifications for the position of Pastor. A Pastoral Search Survey was conducted for the Church during the period April 25, 2021 through June 16, 2021. The results of that survey are recorded on the New Hope MBC website under Pastoral Screening Committee (PSC). Unfortunately, there was little to no response to this survey from our Youth and Young Adults.

Youth Department Pastoral Search Survey
The Pastoral Screening Committee (PSC) reached out to the ministry leaders of the Youth and Young Adults to encourage their members to provide some input. Subsequently, the Youth Department modified the original Pastoral Screening Committee survey and added some additional questions. The results of the Youth Department Pastoral Search Survey are included in this special newsletter.

The PSC would like to thank Austin Albert for all the hard work that he did designing the Youth Department Survey, collecting the responses, and converting the raw data into pie chart graphics. We would also like to thank the Youth and their parents and the Young Adults who responded to this special survey. Your responses will be considered as the PSC progresses through the screening process.