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All applicants must provide the following information:

The application period is June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021. We reserve the right to extend the application period beyond the proposed closing date as deemed necessary.

Questions regarding the application process can be emailed to the New Hope MBC Pastoral Screening Committee (PSC) at No phone calls will be accepted.

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The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church (NHMBC) of Southfield, Michigan is seeking a Pastor called by God to provide spiritual oversight and leadership direction to church leaders and our multigenerational congregation. The Pastor will be guided by the biblical principles set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The successful candidate will come with a God-given vision that will complement and build on the NHMBC mission and vision for continued spiritual growth and kingdom building. The Pastor will possess a strong background in Christian Education to provide oversight to, and vigorously promote, cultivate, and support the strong and effective Christian Education ministry of NHMBC. They will provide dynamic spirit-filled, practical, and doctrinally sound Bible teaching, preaching, and disciple training. The Pastor with these demonstrated skills will be successful in the perfecting of the members of NHMBC so they can do the work of ministry within the church and the community. The Pastor, aided by the Deacon Board and the ministerial staff will also lead in the administration of the church ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; and direct, evangelize, and counsel those in need. The successful candidate will have experience and demonstrated success with multigenerational congregations fully engaging youth, young adults, and senior populations in the life of the church.


NHMBC is prayerfully seeking God to reveal a Pastor to lead and guide us as a shepherd after God’s own heart. The Pastor will be a spiritually mature leader, and a dynamic and effective preacher/teacher who has a solid but continually growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The ideal candidate will be exemplary in their behavior within and outside the church, a visionary leader who discerns and clarifies the vision from God and then effectively shares that vision using a team approach to the implementation of it. The Pastor will possess demonstrated leadership skills in developing and fostering team unity, intergenerational dynamics, and mentoring to guide church staff, auxiliaries, and ministries to greater effectiveness. The Pastor will be a skilled communicator who effectively and powerfully spreads the Word of God to build discipleship through solid biblically-based teaching and preaching. The Pastor will conduct themselves with humility and integrity, and they will exhibit compassion for people in the church and the community. The Pastor will be personable and approachable operating in a cooperative and hospitable manner, exhibiting the emotional intelligence characteristics of self-awareness, self-discipline, motivation, and empathy in relationship management with NHMBC leaders and members and outside community leaders so we can continue to shine as a beacon of hope drawing others to Christ Jesus.


The Pastor will--

  • Faithfully feed the people of NHMBC with the pure Word of God through preaching and teaching that inspires, motivates, challenges, and encourages the congregation to live the mission of God.
  • Work with the Church leadership in developing a strategic plan for the future of NHMBC.
  • Accept, adhere to, and advise concerning the tenets outlined in the NHMBC Bylaws.
  • Be accountable to the Church in providing unified leadership with the Deacon Board and the Trustee Board, including regular and periodic meetings to affect good communications concerning the business of the church per the NHMBC Bylaws.
  • Be accountable with the staff (paid, unpaid, and volunteer) for excellence in service to the congregation and community.
  • Encourage and promote a strong commitment to Christian Education as an undergirding to the life of the Church.
  • Maintain the trust and respect of the leaders, ministerial staff, and congregation.
  • Work with the Church officers to develop strategies that promote growth in church membership, attendance, and financial progress for effective kingdom building.


  • Leadership: Lead and oversee the spiritual welfare of the congregation. Be the spiritual leader of the Church responsible for preaching and teaching the gospel, administering the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and promoting spiritual growth in the congregation.
  • Worship Services: Proclaim the Gospel to the church, the community, and the world. Plan and conduct all worship and public services of the church. Officiate at weddings, funerals, prayer services, baby dedications, and church business meetings.
  • Christian Education. To provide oversight to, and vigorously promote, cultivate, and support the strong and effective Christian Education ministry of New Hope MBC. To read and teach the scriptures, engage the church in study, and ensure that teaching in all ministry areas is biblically sound in accordance with Christian doctrine.
  • Equipping the Saints for Ministry. Administrate bible study, membership classes, and discipleship training. Aid and advise the Deacon Board in the selection, training, development, and ordination of members to serve on the Deacon Board. Select, train, license, and ordain Ministers of the Gospel as appropriate. Provide final approval and development of all ministry presidents and chairpersons.
  • Counseling and Pastoral Care. Conduct premarital counseling for church members assisted by a well-established licensed lay-biblical counseling ministry and counselor training center. Aided by the Deacon Board, maintain a congregational sick and shut-in list and ensure visits, contacts, attendance to congregational family needs and the needs of those individuals joining and fellowshipping with the church under Watch Care.
  • Administration. Aid and advise the Trustee Board with screening, hiring, supervising, and evaluating the performance of full, part time, and volunteer staff. Aid and advise the Trustee Board in the coordination of all administrative functions to ensure accurate record, building/facility maintenance, technology improvements, financial management, budgeting, reports, etc.
  • Ministry and Auxiliary Support. Serve as spiritual advisor and ex-officio member of all ministries, auxiliaries, and special committees. Lead officers, boards, and committees in vision discernment, long and short term strategic planning, and execution of tasks by consulting, advising, and evaluating outcomes.
  • Evangelism Outreach. Promote whole church evangelism by supporting the Evangelism Ministry through worship service emphasis and encouraging congregational evangelism training and outreach efforts.
  • Community Outreach. Encourage and keep the congregation informed through engagement with surrounding communities and religious and civic affairs. Represent the church at the local Council of Baptist Pastors meetings. Represent the church at local, state, and national Baptist conventions.
  • Denominational and Interdenominational Activities. Cooperate with other churches, locally, regionally, and nationally, in appropriate ecumenical programs and events.
  • Personal Growth. Dedicate time for personal reading, research, and meditation. Attend conferences and workshops to stay abreast of trends in worship, music, and Christian Education.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, or other comparable graduate degree from an accredited theological seminary preferred
  • 5-7 years of experience as a Baptist Pastor, Associate/Assistant Pastor, or Assistant to the Pastor
  • Must be licensed and ordained in accordance with Baptist Church principles


  • Experience managing a team as well as proven administrative and financial management skills and experience.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills with evidence of experience planning, teaching, and conducting worship services.
  • Defined plan that emphasizes spiritual development, Christian education, and intergenerational membership retention and growth.
  • Evidence of having developed programs and/or initiatives designed to integrate the participation of children, youth, and young adults in the life of the Church
  • Vision for the use of modern technology to enhance the worship experience.
  • Familiarity and experience with a variety of discipleship and evangelistic methods and structures.
  • Proven track record in strategic planning and project development and execution.
  • Demonstrated understanding of basic church organization and the capacity to plan, prepare and manage within reasonable budgetary constraints.
  • Motivational and inspirational style that includes application relevant to today’s life and needs of our congregation and the community.