Our Mission:

Educate and motivate persons in the African American community about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  Energize the community to be proactive in managing their health challenges through prayer and the healing power of God.


The African American Community Profile:

In the United States, the health disparities among African Americans are increasing at a drastic rate yearly. In July 2008, there was an estimated 41 million or 13.5% African Americans in the United States.  Michigan is among the top ten states with the largest African American community. The Detroit Metropolitan area has the second largest population of African Americans (82%) out of the top ten states. Major health disparities for African Americans include heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. These diseases affect life expectancy, infant mortality and other measures of the health status. Cultural barriers, lack of information and access to health care contribute to the poor health outcomes in the African American community.*


*CDC Health Disparities Affecting Minorities African Americans, Fact Sheet, August 2009


Health & Healing Activities:

HIV/AIDS Awareness:

      Educate and motivate persons about the deadly effects of HIV/AIDS

      Provide free confidential HIV/AIDS testing events

      Provide food and clothing to HIV/AIDS support groups


Contemporary Healing Service:

      Complete healing of your mind, body and soul

      Held monthly every 2nd Friday at 7:00 pm


Health Education Workshops:

      We will offer a variety of interactive workshops on health-related topics that will provide current health information


Christians Conquering Cancer:

      Provide prayer and support for men, women and children living with cancer and their families


Act as a liaison to ministries that help heal the mind, body and soul:

      Biblical Counseling

      Weight Management

      Intercessory Prayer



Strict Confidentiality:

      All information shared will be kept confidential.


The Statistics:


While African Americans account for 13% of the U.S. population, they account for more than 50% of all new HIV/AIDS infections reported in 2001.



In 2001, the age adjusted death rate for all cancers was 25.4% higher for African Americans (243.1 per 100,000) than for white Americans (193.9).



In 2001, the diabetes age-adjusted death rate for African Americans was more than twice that for white Americans (49.2 per 100,000 vs. 23.0).


      HEART DISEASE AND STROKE:  In 2001, the age-adjusted death rate for heart disease was 30.1% higher for African Americans (316.9 per 100,000) than white Americans (243.5).  The age-adjusted death rate for stroke was 41.2% higher for African Americans (78.8 per 100,000) than for white Americans for stroke (55.8).


      Adult Immunization (FLU Shot):

In 2001, influenza vaccination coverage among adults 65 years of age and older was 70.2% for whites and 52.0% for African Americans.  The gap for pneumococcal vaccination coverage among older adults was even wider, with 60.6% for whites and 36.1% for African Americans.*





Rev. Catherine Roberson, Director

Cathy Sparks, Asst. Director

Lisa Gardner, Secretary

Dee Knutson-Hill, Asst. Secretary


For More Information Contact Volunteer Coordinator:

Sister Dorice (Dee) Knutson-Hill




Upcoming Events 2015


8th Annual Health Expo

Theme: Healthy Lifestyles

Sponsored by

The Health & Healing Ministry

Rev. Catherine Roberson, Director


9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Dotson Fellowship Hall

The Health & Healing Ministry will host the 8th Annual Health Expo.

Dynamic speakers, free medical screenings for adults, free healthy cooking class, free healthy hustle class, business vendors and more.

In association with

Henry Ford Hospital


St John Providence Hospital

For additional information contact Rev. Catherine Roberson,

Cathy Sparks, or the
New Hope Church Office
(248) 353-0675

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